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Aspects Tenants Look for in Rental Properties

Although most landlords focus on ensuring that potential renters are properly screened before they move into a property, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s just as important for rental homes to be as appealing as possible to the right tenants. Below are some aspects and features that today’s tenants want when searching for rental homes.

Security Features

Regardless of whether your property is situated in a neighborhood that’s considered safe or not, more and more tenants are looking for that additional peace of mind that comes with having security features such as good fencing, an alarm system, decent deadbolt locks and ample lighting right round a property. Including the cost of a monitored alarm service can provide landlords with a highly effective and affordable form of marketing for their property.

Off-street Parking

Sufficient off-street parking is an aspect that several tenants put on or near the top of their list of desired items in a rental property. With cases of theft from vehicles and actual vehicle thefts rising rapidly, tenants want to do everything possible to ensure that their vehicles remain safe while parked at home. Although a secure garage would be first prize, even off-street parking that allows tenants to keep a watch on their vehicles will do.

Ample Closet Space

Smaller homes can feel cluttered or even claustrophobic if there is not enough closet space available. As such, landlords should ensure that decently sized closets are available in each bedroom – even if it means having to sacrifice a portion of overall square footage to do so

An Open Floor Plan

Open plan layouts are ideal for rental homes because they not only make smaller spaces look bigger than they are; it makes movement throughout the home a lot easier as well. Removing some internal walls can provide your rental property with a completely new look. When doing this, it’s recommended that you work alongside a structural engineer to ensure that no load-bearing walls are removed.

Decent Appliances

If the appliances in rental units are more than a few years old, replacing them will provide an aesthetic facelift, making the property more appealing to tenants. New appliances are also more energy-efficient than their older counterparts, thus providing another selling point for tenants. Where appliances are concerned, something else that tenants value is an in-unit washer and dryer – no one wants to lug laundry up and down flights of stairs or off to the local Laundromat anymore.

Outdoor Living Areas

Decent outdoor living spaces can be something as simple as a small back yard, a shared patio area or even a private balcony in the case of an apartment. Being able to secure some outdoor living space in rental properties will make then far more appealing to tenants.

Implementing one or more of the above mentioned aspects into your rental units will help make them far more appealing when advertising them. If you would like to obtain financing to perform upgrades like these, contact us today.

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