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  • We are a premier non-regulated residential construction lender for homebuilders.
  • Our lending services include model homes, speculative homes, and pre-sold homes.
  • We offer great rates and flexible terms

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    Why borrow from CCM-Finance?


    Responsive & straightforward communication, quick approvals and fast funding.

    We work with you as a partner sharing our expertise, contacts and support to help you turn your next project into profit.


    We offer competitive rates and terms so that you can maximize your profits.


    We know a good deal from a bad one and we are willing to lend on the good ones even when they may be too complex or risky for traditional lenders. Sure, we do our due diligence but also rely on our experience.

    New Higher Leverage Loans

    Need extra flexibility? CCM-Finance now offers higher leverage loans.

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    What a few of our borrowers have to say about us.

    CCM is the best hard money lender we have found. They are prompt, easy to work with and offer very competitive terms. We highly recommend them to every investor we know- newer and experienced investors alike! – Tommy D.

    CCM has become trusted business partners, without them we’d be missing a valuable member of our team. They are quick, personal and invested. – Chis G.