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Landscaping Tips for your Next Fix and Flip Project

Providing potential homebuyers with the best possible first impression when viewing your house is one of the best ways to ensure that they put in an offer to purchase – and focusing on landscaping will go a long way in helping to achieve this. Use the following landscaping tips to significantly improve the curb appeal of your next fix and flip project.

Trim that Foliage

If your fix and flip home already has a number of trees, shrubs and bushes surrounding it, ensure that these are correctly trimmed before placing the house on show. This will not only help the yard look neater; it will provide the property with more of an open feel to it as well.

Banish Bald Spots on the Lawn

One of the first things that catches a potential homebuyer’s eye is the condition of its lawn, and grass that has dead or bald spots is an immediate turn-off to most people. Grass can be revived by watering and fertilizing it, or even planting additional grass seeds in the worst-looking areas. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace sections of damaged grass with instant or roll-on lawn.

Mulch those Garden Beds

Using mulch will help highlight borders around the bases of large trees and established flowerbeds, while also preventing weeds from popping through while your property is on show. Mulch should be applied in layers of between two and three inches to provide maximum effect.

Place Light Fixtures throughout Landscaping

If you want to add a nice finishing touch to your fix and flip property’s yard area, consider installing a few weatherproof light fixtures in the garden and along any walkways or paths. This will not only highlight a few areas of the garden; it will provide a sense of ambience as well.

Choose a Focal Point

Attract attention to a specific part of the yard by focusing on a single aspect, such as an attractive tree, a cozy-looking patio area or even a bright and cheerful flowerbed.

Keep Lawn Decorations Simple

Adding some garden and lawn décor to a property will go a long way in helping to improve its curb appeal, and this can be in the form of some basic patio furniture or even a small feature fountain.

When choosing decorations, keep in mind that simpler will be better, so avoid using the bright and flashy decorative pieces at all costs – no one wants to arrive at a property and be faced with a flock of pink plastic flamingoes, for example.

Another aspect that many house flippers overlook completely when prepping the outside of a property is the mailbox. However, this will be one of the first things that will catch a potential buyer’s eye upon arrival – so replace that tired-looking mailbox with something decent and attractive.

Ensuring that a fix and flip property’s landscaping has been updated and neatened up before placing it on show will help ensure that as many potential buyers as possible are attracted to it. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about obtaining funding to start on your fix and flip investment journey.

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