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Real Estate Investing Best Practices

Welcome to our inaugural blog post. Here you will find real estate investing tips, trends and resources. Why should you listen to us? We are a small team of real estate investors with over 300 properties. Our portfolio has a value of $50mn and includes over 300 houses, 4 apartment buildings and 3 office buildings. But what is more important is the knowledge and insights we’ve gained along the way. If you talk to a roomful of real estate investors just about everyone will have at least one horror story to share. We are here to help you be the exception. We have had many successes along the way but, yes, I will admit it, we have also made our share of mistakes. The good news for you is that we want to share our ‘lessons learned’ so that you can avoid costly mistakes. We have tips on helping you through every step in the process as well as helpful resources (checklists, spreadsheets and other tools) so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions and comments. Submit our contact form, give us a call (612)-263-8664 or send an email

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